Slutty slaves shopping for panties and glory hole hopping

I am in the mood to hear some secrets, confessions if you will. You know the kind I am talking about; the one where you like sucking cock, wear panties underneath your man clothes or watching your wife/girlfriend get fucked by big black cock- BBC. Those aren’t the only kinds of secrets or confessions I enjoy hearing. I promise your secret is safe with me! *wink*

Last, but not least, I want to give a special mention to one of my sluts. Today he will be heading out to H&M to do some panty shopping. He tried over the weekend but chickened out. Let’s just say 30+ women in a store at the same time as Bi-Coastal slave boy proves to be a challenge. (To say the least! lol) He will be going back to finish the assignment this week. If he succeeds, I might reward him with a couple of trips to adult book stores. I haven’t popped Bi’s glory hole cherry yet. I send my cum-dump-in-training on recon missions to see which glory holes, adult theaters and bookstores will have the best dick traffic.

Sexy little panties for a nasty little slut.

Sexy little panties for a nasty little slut.

Check out slave’s first haul of panties. They were purchased last week. I’m very excited to see the new panties he ends up buying. Bi should be calling me on Niteflirt soon to update me on the shopping trip and to get a new, exciting yet humiliating assignment from me. He strives to make me happy and I am! Bi will undoubtedly continue to push his vanilla limits to gain my approval and keep Goddess entertained and smiling.

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