Regular priced Niteflirt Listings back to $1.99!

MV-3915I don’t want to call it a ‘special’ because I’m not sure how long I will be leaving my non financial domination listings at $1.99 per minute. There are definitely a few key factors; my mood and how quickly a handful of mindless jerk-offs ruin it for the rest are certainly the top 2 reasons for this price to go back to $2.19 per minute sooner.

I’ve registered for my next math class- business calculus. Fall semester starts Aug 26th. My schedule will be a bit different than the summer semester. I’ll still be going to class M/W but instead of evening my class will be in the early afternoon. That’s definitely a plus for those of you who have missed me Monday and Wednesday evenings. 🙂

I’ve had submissive zero doing some admin asst stuff for me. He’s also replacing a laptop mouse for me. Daisy is trying to make his way back (again.) I’m over his dumb ass at the moment. I totally get deactivating NF accounts, deleting Twitter accounts etc but he does it so much I can’t even respond to a Niteflirt mail he sends because he keeps being a delicate pair of testicles about his role as a sissy slut for ALL cock kind. Dummy sent over a few new pictures with a note, “Thought you might enjoy some new pics.” I haven’t even looked at those pictures yet. He needs to earn his name back and earn a place back in my good graces. I can’t say I’m disappointed… that would require me giving an expectation level that would be high enough to get disappointed.

As for the last bit of news I have to share for this blog post, I’ve switched out the thumbnails on ALL my Niteflirt listings with hot, fresh pictures. I’m looking forward to getting some MP3’s done (finally) and possibly some tweaks to the text of my listings. 

One thought on “Regular priced Niteflirt Listings back to $1.99!

  1. B.B. twink

    Omg, Goddess Lindsay, that’s beyond benevolent to reduce your prices back down. And Thanks for the new thumbnails! Always awesome to see new and fresh pics of Your gorgeous face!

    Looking forward to the upcoming changes! Yay, You’ve made my day! As usual, lol.
    submissive zero


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