Psychology of Humiliation

I had one of the best phone humiliation sessions I’ve had in a long time. I really think he was on the verge of tears; too bad. Don’t let my sweet looks and voice fool you. I can be one mean Mistress when I want to be.

Speaking of humiliation, I’m having fun with all the subs who call for verbal humiliation. Don’t get me wrong, the physical stuff is funny too. Lately I’ve been getting the humpers. You know, guys who hump pillows, photos from magazines (yes really), mattresses and couches. I verbally humiliate these guys too. I cheer them on to hump away and they just love it.

I love the psychology of humiliation. For the most part each person I talk to is different within the context of humiliation. That’s where the mindfuck begins. Most guys don’t notice it right away. It’s usually after the call and when they digest what I’ve said to them that the mindfuck takes hold.

Think you have what it takes for a good dose of humiliation? We’ll see about that!


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