Slut Training and other Fem-good stuff

MV-2655I had a wonderful weekend. I went to a fantastic bridal shower. My friend got tons of gifts. We drank Sangria, gossiped and laughed. I know all of my pretty little sissies and bimbos would love to attend a bridal shower. Maybe have a sissy maid serving refreshments and cleaning up after the party…

I spoke with a fun sissy slut the other day named Shawna. She wears pretty pink panties and likes to hump pillows and the bed! Sissy Shawna wouldn’t be a good little whore for me unless she moaned and talked dirty, just like a porn star. Speak of the devil… I had to stop writing my blog so I could take a call from sissy bitch Shawna. She was wearing black panties this time. I wanted her to fuck in between the mattress and the box spring but just like a little bitch she complained it hurt her clit. With that being said I had her switch to fucking the top of the mattress. Did I forget to mention her clitty is bigger than most of my sissies? Yep, that’s right! Which makes it all the more fun to humiliate Shawna since she has decent size equipment and still can’t use it right! How truly pathetic is that? And let me tell you, she loves humiliation; the little bimbo can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating new MP3 assignments. I think this week I’ll create a new quiz. This time a BIMBOFICATION QUIZ. Any suggestions on what kinds of questions and answers you’d like to see on it? You know how to contact me (or comment this post!)

Don’t forget, you can email me and request an appointment if I am not available.

Your Humiliatrix, Bimbo Specialist & Goddess
ext: 03387612

Feminizing my silly bimbos

MV-2650Yesterday I had another fantastic submissive cross-dressing phone session with Sadie. Her hair was curled and half up, hoop earrings, necklace, make up with a serious red lipstick to go along with her red halter dress, red lace and satin panties, white thigh highs and patent leather red *fuck me pumps.* My hot feminized, bimbo submissive was on cam so I could see how pretty and sexy she was. I have big plans for Sadie. I’ve given her a *to do* list and another list for the items I want for our next session. To give you a little hint she must buy a cock ring; or in this case a sissy clit ring. I can’t wait for more performances from her!

I’ve been receiving a lot of calls and emails enquiring about my Bimbofication Program. I suggest getting started with the MP3/Assignments. Rules, Vow & Bimbo Pledge is the core of the entire program and each day is listed along with subject covered. I also suggest checking out the links section of my blog. I have tons of sites that I personally like and think you will get the best brainwashing and/or hypnosis experience. I am here to guide you, answer questions and cheer you on!

I’ve lowered the price on a few days in the Bimbo Program. Check it out and get the days you are missing in your collection!

Corrine contacted me recently. Because I enjoy training her so much as my fashionable sissy AND maid I thought I’d surprise her with a mention in my blog. She was over the moon! Currently my sissy slut is training in 4 inch heels when she does her daily household chores. My goal for her is to be able to do chores in FIVE inch heels. I don’t think she knows that yet, but once she reads this she will! It is going to be so much fun when Corrine goes back for a manicure and pedicure. I have a hot idea for her next toe nail color.

Ok, sissy boys, sluts, bimbos, CFNM and feminized cuckolds I am going to record a new emasculating and humiliating assignment.

Spring Cleaning the PTV (Pay to View) Mails & Goodie Bags!

MV-4483You will notice over the next few days/weeks I’ll be overhauling the pay mail links. The Bimbo Program won’t be going any where but I do have to take it down to get more organization behind the scenes. Any other games, assignments & quizzes will be republished as well. As for photo(s) including sets they will all be brand new. I may decide to bring back some older photos that are fan favorites.

I will keep everyone updated via Niteflirt email, here on my blog, Twitter & Tumblr.

Eeek! So exciting. I can’t wait.


Goddess Lindsay

Another installment of Don’t be THAT Guy!

Seriously?! Not again!

Seriously?! Not again!

BEHOLD! Amazing that “grown men” need to be blasted by me in order for them to UNDERSTAND how simple it is to read my don’t list. I don’t care about what other women do. NEVER use that as an excuse as to why you approach me with emails that are clearly marked in my “peeve” column. I promise you, your hard on is NEVER that big of a concern that you need to email stupid questions. If you need an engraved invitation to call me, DON’T BOTHER. Also, don’t think because I sent 2 responses to him that you too will have a chance for free attention. You may thank me for responding to him to use this as a learning example to those who lose their minds when their erections prevail. I’m not angry, nor am I mad. My blood pressure is just fine and I’m smiling while I’m typing this. No one person will ever get any sort of enraged, yelling reaction from me because, well, they aren’t worth it. 🙂 Sure, it’s a peeve. Sure it can be annoying on occasion but I post in my blog, make an example out of a situation and hopefully those who have enough sense will continue to do what they need to in order to interact with me.
I am a huge fan of the BLOCK button and will have no problem employing it. I always use it without warning you. How you choose to use the examples I give to you is totally up to you. I promise you this, you’ll miss me, A LOT. Pretty sure you won’t be missed. Choose wisely!
PS: I keep track of who blocks me. I know who blocks me and turns around after a period of time and unblocks me. I almost never mention it because truthfully I don’t care. You can NEVER stay away from me for very long.
The graphic below is an exchange I had with someone yesterday. Marked 1 & 3 are his emails, 2 & 4 are mine. Read it from bottom to top.

Don't be THAT guy. Click the graphic for FULL size.

Don’t be THAT guy. Click the graphic for FULL size.

There always has to be ONE…

Sadly, just a day after I post the very simple don’ts, there is ONE person who has to test me. So, for those of you who think you are the exception or you get your pathetic little rocks off by trying to piss me off- here is a picture for those of you who are too dense to comprehend the English language. CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC TO SEE IT FULL SIZE! 😀

Perfect example of someone who is begging to be blocked.

Perfect example of someone who is begging to be blocked.

Seriously? Common sense is not so common anymore. If you have to ask if it’s okay, IT’S PROBABLY NOT. I WILL NOT waste time making examples out of time wasters and wankers. Don’t get it twisted. This post is not an invite to see how many of you can test me. I am merely warning those of you who are tempted but come to your senses before you get exiled from MY WORLD.

Happy 2014 to Me! Here’s to YOUR New Year’s Resolutions

If you are lucky, I will do a blog post about my amazing NYE. Today is page 1 of a 365 page book. I’m taking the opportunity to outline some things about my patience, my peeves, my time and my attention.

Keep in mind if this is the first time you are reading this or this is the first time you’ve been given verbal/written warning to view this post, you will only be told once (and that’s not guaranteed.) Make any mistakes outlined in this post and you will likely be blocked.

This brings me to my next point. What I’ve mentioned above and what will be mentioned below this goes for ALL OF YOU. I don’t care how much we’ve talked, how much you’ve spent, if I’m EVER nice to you. If you send an email, it better be attached to a tribute.

It should also be made aware that at ANY time I can amend this post. Of course, I will send out the appropriate emails/social networking messages.

These things listed are in no particular order and should be considered equally important to one another.

  • I get quite a bit of email. A lot consists of “are you into…” I’ve done an excellent job of outlining not only the titles but the listings I’ve published on Niteflirt. If you can’t deduce calling me fits what you are looking for, let my powers of deduction prevail; I won’t want to talk to you. I enjoy speaking with those who are intelligent.
  • Another email I get frequently, “Will you be available later, tomorrow/when will you be available.” I don’t keep a particular schedule. I’m rarely available after 2am EST and almost never available before 10am EST. Add me to your favorites and call when both you and I are available.
  • Updates via email: If you’d like to email me and let me know what’s going on in your life, strides you’ve made in your Bimbofication, Feminization or any other Fetish etc, make sure a TRIBUTE is attached with it. Otherwise your message will be deleted and unread.
  • Happy New Years, Birthday, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July ETC via email: Unless you are sending me a tribute, gift and/or present along with the well wishes, save them. I have enough friends and family to share holidays and special occasions with. Just like other emails, these will also go unread and deleted.
  • Can you call and “just listen” to me talk aka mouth breath heavily in my ear, because you are shy, you have people over in the next room blah blah blah? NO. This is by far one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Sadly, I’ve read this more than once. Refer to the first bullet point if you need this expanded upon.
  • “I’d love to call and have YOU do…” Another BIG NO I am not a circus performer. If you are calling me under whatever listing you’ve chosen that pretty much sums it up.

This leads me to the next faux pas.

  • I am not a huge fan of roleplay. Cue the gasps. Perhaps this is largely due to being lifestyle. I do realize that many within the lifestyle enjoy roleplay, I’m just not one of them. My only suggestion is if you really want to talk with me, do your best to pretend you aren’t roleplaying. Obviously don’t bother emailing a script to me. Don’t babble directions to me like a b-movie director. That will ensure the end of our call.
  • “Hi, you’re hot” and other similar emails or emails that have less than or equal to 1 whole sentence. You’re dumb ass won’t even get a warning to read this post. Big mistake attempting to waste my time. These emails will lead to you getting blocked immediately.
  • I send out 1 free minutes to NEW CUSTOMERS and from that point on to regular Niteflirt customers. The amount of free minutes vary. The frequency also varies. All it takes is ONE phone call lasting less than 5 PAID MINUTES and you will be removed from promotional free minutes. If you only have a few minutes to talk or don’t have enough money- wait till you do. Five minutes is still a short period of time but doesn’t annoy me to stop what I was doing to pick up the phone.
  • Calling with ONLY THE FREE MINUTE I GAVE YOU: Yeah, that makes you a giant bag of smashed assholes. Those lame excuses that you wanted to make sure I was around to take your call. Whatever. I’m not the only person on Niteflirt you spend money on. I also know you have 2 chances before our call connects to add funds to your account. 1 – from the website and 2- the recording ASKS if you want to add more money before you continue with the call. Anyone who does this will never get free promotional minutes from me again.

To those of you who serve well and understand that I come first- my rules and regulations won’t seem harsh. To the time wasters, cheapskates, wankers and selfish pricks this will come off as me being a bitch (in the bad sense… everyone knows I can be a bitch in the good sense! lmao) Well then GOOD, I want to keep the useless at bay.

For Goddess devotees ONLY!

I doubt you can handle the level of hot me and my friends bring... but you're welcome to try! ;)

I doubt you can handle the level of hot me and my friends bring… but you’re welcome to try! 😉

So the latest installment of the picture set is finally out.

Silver Level Picture Set 50 Photos PLUS 10 FREE photos

I’m warning you… seriously hotness is all over my new Niteflirt PTV series. Lingerie, bikini’s, my hot friends, thigh high boots, hot little outfits… cleavage, gorgeous smiles, amazing bodies… Like I said. You’ve been warned!

At the very last minute, I decided to run a SPECIAL PROMOTION! The FIRST 3 Devotees to open the Silver Level Picture Set will receive an additional TWENTY FREE PHOTOS! (Sent to them in a separate email.) I will announce those 3 very special loyal submissives on this site, Twitter and Tumblr!

For my loyal submissives, fans and admirers

Great Idea Goddess! Cool, I think so too! lol

Great Idea Goddess! Cool, I think so too! lol

I have decided to give my adoring fans, subs and slaves a chance to increase their photo collection. First, I’ve created the Bronze Level Picture Set. Bronze has nothing to do with the photos themselves- just how many photos are in the mail. I will be publishing the Silver Level Picture set which will include 50 photos PLUS 10 FREE photos (60 photos total) soon. Yes, there will be a Gold and Platinum set produced too in the near future. I’m really excited about this new, fabulous idea. It’s great for those of you who can’t call, are too shy to call or who do call/email me but can’t get enough of how gorgeous I am. 🙂

Bronze Level Picture Set 25 Photos PLUS 5 FREE photos