Now Accepting Live Hypnosis Calls!

I’m finally ready to start practicing hypnosis LIVE on the phone! I wanted to make some things clear here before you choose to call.

  • I will use hypnosis induction and deeper scripts until I memorize them.
  • Set aside at LEAST 30 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED time for your hypno session.
  • I will be taking 2-5 minutes (possibly more if needed) of time to discuss with you what type of hypnosis session we will do together.
  • If you feel your session is advanced or “difficult” email or text me thru Niteflirt and we can work out details prior to calling.
  • The price point per minute while I’m practicing live hypno will be $1.99 per minute, please budget accordingly. I will have a dedicated line just for hypno sessions that I will link you to below. It was my Intoxication Line but that has moved to a new listing. I will link you to that new location as well. I WILL NOT do hypno sessions at my $1.69 per min lines.
  • I welcome feedback, critiques and suggestions after our session. It can be right after or when you’ve had some time to think about it.
  • It’s best to use headphones/earbuds when going under hypnosis with me. It’s not required but encouraged.

Intox line is now here:

Call Button

Hypnosis line can be found here:

Call Button

Humiliation line can be found here:

Call Button

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