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Sexy, Smarty Pants

Sexy, Smarty Pants

For 2013, I’ve decided to start a blog. I think it would be a wonderful way for my fans, cucks, subs and slaves to keep up with me. Also, I love the idea of keeping track of what goes on with some of my calls on Niteflirt.

Last week I created a Twitter account. I’ll be updating all my social networking regularly. I’ll also be posting specials, promos and other fun shit for my bitches and loyal boys to drool over.

I’ll be adding pay to view mails on my blog. Expect to see new photo sets and MP3’s. I’m also going to get into hypnosis. I want to reinforce your addiction; breaking your will to resist and beg to serve young, blond perfection.

I will create a couple of galleries. One of just me, another with girl friends, one with my big black cock boyfriend Dante and MAYBE my submissive white cuckold husband with me.

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