My Niteflirt Listings are TEMPORARILY Pending.

Goddess Pouting! :(

Goddess Pouting! 🙁

No, I haven’t left any of you! I made a mistake by having advertisements to outside companies, which is against NF’s TOS. ooops 🙁 So my listings are TEMPORARILY not showing within their site. Luckily I caught NF’s email regarding the issues less than an hour after they sent it, made the appropriate changes and re-submitted my listings to be approved.

You can STILL email me via Niteflirt AND call! The following are links to my top four listings along with the extensions.




BDSM:  Mistresses Delightful Tormenting Humiliation-Total Mind Fuck ext: 03387672

Fetish > Fem Dommes:  Apply to My Bimbofication/Feminization Program ext: 03387612

Fantasy > Other:  HotWife Cuckolds White Husband with BBC! ext: 03387715

Fetish > Feminization:  Serve as a Sissy Slut. Coerced or Willing Bi ext: 03387656

 I have added a call button to the right sidebar so you can see if I’m available to take calls. 

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