In Praise of Bimbofication

s’omG I’m so excited bout Goddess ramping up Her bimbofication activities πŸ™‚ aside from Her utter mastery of the subject, She really enjoys it. I think more and more. like with any Master involved in teaching, I think having eager and enthusiastic BiT’s helps to maintain Her enjoyment. (BiT = bimbo in training, lol, I came up with that all on my own πŸ™‚ hip hip hooray !

so yeah, not that I can like keep up with all Her plans for Her new bimbofication project, Her mind moves like super fast. I just know that I’m like super exited cause I know it means even more feminization and sissification and bimbofication and all kinds of awesome direction from Hers truly, Goddess Lindsay! pretty much everything She says and does is like candy for my bimbo brain, which is good, since I’ve been keeping other candy to a minimum as I try to keep up with the improvements to my bimbo body πŸ™‚ it’s fine by me, bimbo brain candy is way better than a sugared candy bar or what have you

Anyway, the more time I spend talking to Goddess, thinking bout Goddess, doing tasks for Goddess, the more my brain changes, the dour man thoughts of my past being exchanged for the bright bubbly bimbo thoughts of my present and future. thoughts of pink hearts and cute heels and hot boys and hard…. Well, haha, I could go on forever. besides, better to leave something to the imagination.

Anyway, the best bet is to let Goddess turn your little weak male mind blank, and then let her fill in the blank for you! Don’t try to direct Her, cause you’ll just fuck it up. I speak from experience, I’ve fucked up with Goddess many times. thank Goddess She is patient, benevolent, and, with sufficient supplication, forgiving. but now I just let Her direct, and I get bimbo-er and bimbo-er. lol


omg, let me tell you, it is SUCH a thrill that Goddess, THE Goddess, Goddess Lindsay, let’s me do these posts on Her blog for Her, and that She lets me have a worship blog for Her, and a tumblr to document my evolving bimbo tastes, and a Twitter as Her twink to publicly sing Her praises! Thank You Goddess, Thank You, for letting me serve You and for giving me purpose! to say You’re the best is a vast vast understatement!

2 thoughts on “In Praise of Bimbofication

  1. mvlindsay

    Ah, Bimbette, I’m so excited for BOTH of us. We have tons of super fun projects and ideas. You are the best little secretary. You’ve come such a long way. Keep up the good work!

  2. B.B. twink

    Oh Goddess Lindsay, thanks! You’re the best boss for this little sexcretary πŸ™‚ I”ll def keep up the good work with praise like that! THANKS!!!! <3


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