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MV-3623I’ve been so busy lately! I know a blog update is long over due. First off I’ll get the business end of this post out of the way. About a month ago I had a database error in my blog. It disabled my blog for about 3 days before I discovered it. Needless to say I fixed it. *Yep, I rock.* Tuesday evening my hosting company had an entire server-side outage. Even their website was down. Of course that dashed my hopes of updating. And here we are! Three final things I want to mention. (I am only speaking for myself), some of my calls are dropping expectantly and randomly. I make it a point to contact Niteflirt’s Customer Support every time it happens. Also, some callers are telling me they are having issues adding money while on the phone. I definitely encourage you to contact Customer Support if this is happening to you. Lastly, there is a mail error allowing speakers to only attach 1 item to mail. Speakers should be allowed to attach a max of 3 items. I was hoping to create some NEW pay to view mail buttons this week but I will wait until the glitch is sorted out.

–Now on to the fun stuff!–

I’m currently on day 10 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. My killer legs are killing me! I like challenging myself. Not to mention the results are amazing.My BBC along with my cuckold husband can see little changes already.

I will be adding a testimonial page on my blog. It’s just a virtual wall where my adoring fans, subs, slaves and cucks can sing my praises. All I will use is feedback and/or excerpts from mail sent to me and the persons first name or personal pet name I give them. I won’t be using member names or full  names. Contact Goddess if you wish to participate.

Silly sissies and sluts indulging in poppers lately. It’s clear the use of poppers just makes their brains weak, little dicks hard and ready to suck REAL cocks. I’ve been enjoying taking those little tarts further down the rabbit hole, keeping them humiliated, tortured and full of debauchery.

Speaking of naughty cocksuckers, I made a favorite links page. I think you’ll enjoy the links I’ve come across. 🙂

PS- I changed my Niteflirt listing thumbnail photos a couple of days ago!

3 thoughts on “Goddess Updates

  1. B. TwinkTheGeek

    You’re bound to leave a lot of drooling boys in Your wake after the 30 day squat challenge! Not that You don’t already, but wow, perfection getting even perfecter by working up to 240 squats in a day?!?! Omg, we sissies, sluts, slaves, subs, and cucks are SO not worthy! We’re popping poppers while You’re achieving an ASS worthy only of a Goddess? I’d say life is not fair, but as long as YOU get what you want, what could be more fair? 🙂

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