Fetishes and Projects on My Mind

MV-3938I’ve got a couple of weeks before the fall semester of school starts. I want to use some of that time to sort thru the PAGES of ideas I have. Any time I had an idea I would jot them down on OneNote or on one of my many notebooks. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to choose which ideas will be executed first.

Twink’s current assignment is the 30 day squat challenge. (Today is day 13- 130 squats!) He’s still bleaching his asshole. I think it’s time for him to send a picture of his progress. It’s going to be so much fun when he graduates from the Progasm jr. to the Progasm Classic. I mean, it’s one thing to shove sex toys up your ass, it’s another when you are going after the entire look and feel of a perfect porn star pink ass!

4 thoughts on “Fetishes and Projects on My Mind

        1. B. TwinkTheGeek

          omg, jude law (okay, maybe you’re not him, i think he was born after ’62, but not sure), i am SOOOOOO blessed. Goddess Lindsay is the most benevolent and perfect of beings. all’s i can say is i will continue to make an effort, but i hope others come to worship her as SHE so rightfully deserves!!! 🙂


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