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Way long over due for updates!

Sexy FriendsAs some of you know, I am taking an Algebra II class for summer. The final is on the 24th (I can’t wait!) So, needless to say I haven’t been around quite as much.

Lately I’ve been on Tumblr… A LOT. I think I’ll start posting more original stuff. No worries sissy freaks, I’ll continue to re-blog stuff I find interesting. I’m missing my creative outlet so I think posting stuff I make will be WAY fun.

It looks like Daisy is M.I.A. again. In the last 2 month’s he’s tortured himself, trying to fool himself into thinking he should attempt being a real man. (lol) He flounders about, confused about his ‘manhood’ and sexuality. Personally, I think it’s all crystal clear. Daisy has a little dick (3 inches I think.) Um, DUH your life’s work should ONLY be about servicing REAL men. I’ll welcome you back when you pop back up. HAHA

tues-may-14-2013-2Twink has been anal bleaching almost daily since he got the cream. he’s gone for his second boy-pussy waxing on Tuesday. This time he asked the poor ass-waxing chick to take a picture of his freshly waxed booty! For now all you little beggars get is his card stamped from the salon. Eventually I plan on posting the freshly waxed butt on my blog. tues-jul-2-2013-1

I’ve got more updates to post but this studying isn’t going to get done all by itself. Before I get to that I’ll be sending out a pay to view mail of me and my very sexy blond friends!

Adventures in Sissy Slut Butt-hole Bleaching

My number one ‘gay but straight but really gay, like for real’ did some exciting shit this week! I can’t really call what Twinkess did a ‘Spa Day’, it was more like a Spa Session. He went for anal bleaching! Unfortunately he would have to go back weekly for 4-8 weeks to achieve certain results and it’s a bit pricey. We all know that money can go to a much better place. (ME)

Since Twink went through the humiliation of getting on all fours while a woman put fruit acid on his asshole, I figured he could continue his beauty regime at home. He’s been instructed to take photos of his “progress.” I’m curious to see how well the at-home anal bleach works. His butt hole is going to be the perfect shade of PORN STAR PINK!

Yeah, Twink and his boy-gina are going to be SUPER sissy stars. LOL

appointment confirmation email

I couldn’t resist. I had to post not only the appointment confirmation email, I had to show off Twink’s shaky cell pic taken in the waiting room of the spa. LOL, I forgot to ask him if his voice cracked and was shaky too. I think deep down he enjoyed being on all fours- too bad he wasn’t on them longer. It’s also too bad there wasn’t big, hard cocks in the spa room with him. I guess that wasn’t an add-on service they provide. HAHA

Addiction Therapy and Fetish Programming

Sexy camo outfit with black garter

Submit to Goddess. Tell me all your secrets.

I’m fascinated with the human mind, sexuality and fetish. When I started taking calls on Niteflirt, I never thought I would chat with guys who were looking for advice or acceptance. I’ve lost count how many conversations I’ve had with submissive men, fetishist and slaves regarding addiction and acceptance. More often than not these kinky males want someone who can understand them, not judge them and who can relate.

I’m not interested in ‘curing’ you. I want to help you come to terms with who you are. Stop purging your sissy wardrobe only to replace your dildos, vibrators, heels, wigs, make-up and sexy-slutty outfits weeks or months later.

Maybe you aren’t a sissy but you have a little dick, masturbate a lot and are addicted to beautiful women. Get a handle on your situation and realize your full perverted potential. Embrace WHATEVER it is you are fixated on- SPH, big cocks, female supremacy, confessing what drives you sexually.

Are you a cuckold? I have real life experience in cuckolding. I still cuckold my husband and I’m still dating Dante. Whether you’ve never been cuckolded, have a gf/wife and need help bringing up the subject or you’re single and want to figure out how to bring the topic up to potential lovers, I will give you suggestions and ideas to help you settle into a cuckold lifestyle.

I have very good intuition; my point of view and perception are second to none. Some might require therapy or programming- maybe both. This is determined during your sessions with me.

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Slutty slaves shopping for panties and glory hole hopping

I am in the mood to hear some secrets, confessions if you will. You know the kind I am talking about; the one where you like sucking cock, wear panties underneath your man clothes or watching your wife/girlfriend get fucked by big black cock- BBC. Those aren’t the only kinds of secrets or confessions I enjoy hearing. I promise your secret is safe with me! *wink*

Last, but not least, I want to give a special mention to one of my sluts. Today he will be heading out to H&M to do some panty shopping. He tried over the weekend but chickened out. Let’s just say 30+ women in a store at the same time as Bi-Coastal slave boy proves to be a challenge. (To say the least! lol) He will be going back to finish the assignment this week. If he succeeds, I might reward him with a couple of trips to adult book stores. I haven’t popped Bi’s glory hole cherry yet. I send my cum-dump-in-training on recon missions to see which glory holes, adult theaters and bookstores will have the best dick traffic.

Sexy little panties for a nasty little slut.

Sexy little panties for a nasty little slut.

Check out slave’s first haul of panties. They were purchased last week. I’m very excited to see the new panties he ends up buying. Bi should be calling me on Niteflirt soon to update me on the shopping trip and to get a new, exciting yet humiliating assignment from me. He strives to make me happy and I am! Bi will undoubtedly continue to push his vanilla limits to gain my approval and keep Goddess entertained and smiling.

No more excuses. The time to slut out for cock is now!

Young Blond Femdom Humiliates losers

Aw, my sissy boys want to be pretty like me. LOL- That will never happen.

Happy Thursday! I hope all my subs, sissies, and slaves and have been staying on track. You know the path that leads you little freaks into naughty land. Where BBC and other big dicks are plentiful and where you are used OFTEN.

I’ve been talking to some forced/coerced bi cock-suckers lately. I can’t leave out the sluts who know deep down they are fags and crave cock ALL the time. I enjoy listening to the confessions of my sissy whores. They are always so concerned about being found out. I’ve got news- married, straight, bi or even gay guys looking to unload in your filthy mouth are always looking for discreet encounters. You can continue to live your mundane, typical life by day and emerge as the size-queen cock sucker you truly are by night.

One of my favorite things is to condition guys, encouraging them to put a dick in their mouth and ultimately turn them into a cock fetishist. I want my own personal army of dick suckers and cock lovers. Are you curious about some of my methods? Call my feminization line on Niteflirt to find out more.
Wanna try? I dare you. What do you have to lose? It’s not like you are a REAL man. haha

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