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Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

MV-2856I’m launching a Bimbo Program! There will be a mix of mp3’s, assignments, exercises, to-do lists and photos in each day. To get started you must read the rules, read and listen to the Vow and Pledge. I’ve created an MP3 format of the Vow and Pledge so you can hear my voice ANY time you need some extra motivation!
Stay tuned for Day 1 of the BIMBO PROGRAM!


Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

Second weekend on the FRONT PAGE of Niteflirt!

Sneak peak of my Halloween costume last night. The full size and the other 3 pics available on Niteflirt!

Sneak peak of my Halloween costume last night. The full size and the other 3 pics available on Niteflirt!


So, yeah that just happened this afternoon. Last Friday I landed on the front page of Niteflirt and this afternoon I’m right back where I belong. I love it! Lets see if we can go for a 3rd weekend…

I come up with THEE best nicknames for submissives and slaves. The newest is, “The Saltine Sub” and he is proving to be a real asset to my Goddess Worship Army. Not everyone has what it takes to make me happy. I always welcome those of you who CAN.

The big game between Penn State and OSU is less than an hour away. Poor John… he has hopes that Penn will win. I highly doubt that. I’ve also informed him that it will be my pleasure to quench my thirst by using the tears he sends me after OSU’s big win.  OH-IO!

Bi-Coastal is back in the mix. The gloryholes have been a let down, same with Craig’s List. Grindr hasn’t proven very well either. Hoping when he spends time on the east coast we’ll have better luck. I haven’t told him yet but I MIGHT have a play date set up for him. I’m sure if he sees this blog post I’ll be hearing from him soon to hear about this possible breaking his cock in the mouth cherry. *evil rubbing hands together and giggling*

I’ll be heading out again soon. I’ve sent a pay to view mail of last night’s Halloween costume on Niteflirt. 4 pictures total- with a sneak peek on this blog post! I know, I’m such a giving Goddess. :p

If you are reading this and are a lil jealous of the shout outs I’ve given to the deserving loyals, subs and devotees… here’s some suggestions, insights from PERFECTION, if you will. STEP UP YOUR GAME, FOOL. Entertain me, have a PERSONALITY, make our Niteflirt phone call MEMORABLE. Remember when you call me I am not running a hotline for depressed males. If you are having a shit day, CALL WHEN YOU’RE PROZAC HAS KICKED IN. Dreadfully dead silences, me having to pull teeth and you only responding with sounds or 1-2 word answers will guarantee our call will be short.  Lastly, KNOW something. If I ask you a fairly straight forward question and you “don’t know.” The session was doomed before it started. I know my beauty is captivating and that can be a bit intimidating for some of you; to the point you have trouble finding the words… At the VERY LEAST convey that to me. I am a Goddess, I am many other things but I am NOT psychic. Not knowing anything and having zero to contribute to our phone call is a waste of my time and puts you on a forgotten list of wannabe subs I refuse to deal with.

1500 Niteflirt Feedbacks AND on the front page?!

Me and my Bearded LADIES lol

Me and my Bearded LADIES lol

YES! Congratulations to ME. Not only did my Apply to My Bimbofication/Feminization Program! make it to the front page of that very listing reached 1500 in feedback!

To celebrate the proper way, I’ve created a ptv (pay to view) mail with a special price. CELEBRATING My Front Page Status and 1500 FEEDBACK! 3 pics $2 Lingerie, Face & Friend 

Goddess Lindsay Worship

Twink's ass bleach and waxing progress.

Twink’s ass bleach and waxing progress.

whew, where to begin. oh wait, I know, i’m NOT Goddess Lindsay!!! lol. i’m twink . her humble servant. more and more humble every day. more humble still with Her invitation to write a guest blog post. omg

so yeah, She’s been documenting my attempt to get the perfect pornstar ass! 🙂 I mean, it is at Her suggestion, but as with most of Her suggestions, it was perfect. I just needed someone to realize and tell me that what I’ve been wanting all along was to attain the perfect porn star ass. So I started bleaching, started going to a waxing salon, started exercising to build it up. Now imma gonna start bathing with a loofah to get it nice and smooth. Sure it won’t be long before i’m applying all kinds of lotions. just want it to be perfect. for us nonbiological girly bois, it’s not really possible to attain the perfection for which Goddess Lindsay is the beacon, the platonic ideal to aspire to. But I figure, with my ass, I can at least approach it. I mean, absent 2 X chromosomes, what can a lowly boi like me do?

well, Goddess Lindsay helped me see the light. Get my ass in ship fucking shape. Achieve beyonce level perfection. Haha, make my ass so pretty that everyone but Goddess is fucking jealous, even beyonce her fucking DAMN self, lol. Even if my boobs can never get there, even if I can’t have the perfect vagina or the lovely lovely face of a real girl, my ass??? all the bitches wanna be me!!! mother fucker!!!! lol

yeah, so imma get a Barbie ass. the end. lol

if that don’t sound humble, well, i’m a paradox, i’m Lindsay’s creation! 🙂 Thanks GODDESS!!!