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Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

MV-2856I’m launching a Bimbo Program! There will be a mix of mp3’s, assignments, exercises, to-do lists and photos in each day. To get started you must read the rules, read and listen to the Vow and Pledge. I’ve created an MP3 format of the Vow and Pledge so you can hear my voice ANY time you need some extra motivation!
Stay tuned for Day 1 of the BIMBO PROGRAM!


Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

New Fetish MP3 and Bimbofication Update

MV-2056Just uploaded my latest MP3/Assignment hybrid to my blog. I’ve also sent it out as a pay to view directly to my Niteflirt submissives and slaves. Yeah, just a lil excited about it! There will be more on the way.

Today Twink finished his 30 day squat challenge. Now it’s on to the 30 day ab challenge! We’ve discussed his continue regime to sculpt the perfect bimbo butt along with making some dietary changes to maximize results. What can I say, Bimbette (aka Twink) is really taking to the bimbofication process. I love molding soft sacs into pretty feminized, empty-headed ditzy sluts.

 Conditioning & Humiliation Assignment/MP3 with 1 Photo

My Listing:
Goddess Lindsay: @ModestVanityL
twink’s twitter: @thebigbangtwink
twink’s femme gurlie boi worship blog:

Tattoos and Feminization!

infinity tattoo

infinity tattoo

So, I was bit by the tattoo bug. I got 2 tattoos in 1 week! They are totally feminine and delicate. I’m absolutely IN LOVE! The 2nd tattoo I got is on my rib cage.

Shortly after I got these tattoos I got sick. Something that rarely happens to me (thank Goddess) but it did knock me on my ass for a few days. I’m happy to report I’m feeling SO much better. I am taking it easy this weekend and won’t be going out. I want to make sure I completely get rid of these cooties.


One Day I'll Fly Away

One Day I’ll Fly Away

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I would be getting to work on NEW MP3’s. Needless to say me getting sick put that on the back burner for a few days but now that I’m feeling better I’ll be doing the behind the scenes stuff until the rest of the congestion goes away. Basically prepping the MP3’S, making final changes to what I want them to say etc.

I am sooo excited to start working on bimbofication. I think it’s one of the many important elements to feminization. It’s something that I work with Twink quite a bit. Which, btw, he’s updated his femme gurlie boi blog today. I think his next exercise challenge will be the ab challenge. It’s apart of the process of feminization. As Twink mentioned in his blog, taking care in your overall appearance simply reinforces the changes your mind is undergoing. To be a girly boi in the mind as well as the body is très important!

I’m definitely going to re-vamp my feminization listing on Niteflirt and I may convert 1 of my other listings specifically for reprogramming and bimbofication. I’m excited to make these changes before the fall semester of class starts!