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For Goddess devotees ONLY!

I doubt you can handle the level of hot me and my friends bring... but you're welcome to try! ;)

I doubt you can handle the level of hot me and my friends bring… but you’re welcome to try! 😉

So the latest installment of the picture set is finally out.

Silver Level Picture Set 50 Photos PLUS 10 FREE photos

I’m warning you… seriously hotness is all over my new Niteflirt PTV series. Lingerie, bikini’s, my hot friends, thigh high boots, hot little outfits… cleavage, gorgeous smiles, amazing bodies… Like I said. You’ve been warned!

At the very last minute, I decided to run a SPECIAL PROMOTION! The FIRST 3 Devotees to open the Silver Level Picture Set will receive an additional TWENTY FREE PHOTOS! (Sent to them in a separate email.) I will announce those 3 very special loyal submissives on this site, Twitter and Tumblr!

For my loyal submissives, fans and admirers

Great Idea Goddess! Cool, I think so too! lol

Great Idea Goddess! Cool, I think so too! lol

I have decided to give my adoring fans, subs and slaves a chance to increase their photo collection. First, I’ve created the Bronze Level Picture Set. Bronze has nothing to do with the photos themselves- just how many photos are in the mail. I will be publishing the Silver Level Picture set which will include 50 photos PLUS 10 FREE photos (60 photos total) soon. Yes, there will be a Gold and Platinum set produced too in the near future. I’m really excited about this new, fabulous idea. It’s great for those of you who can’t call, are too shy to call or who do call/email me but can’t get enough of how gorgeous I am. 🙂

Bronze Level Picture Set 25 Photos PLUS 5 FREE photos

Day 3: The Bimbo Attitude

MV-852I decided to have everyone (including myself) take a few days for the holiday. Onto Day 3: The Bimbo Attitude.I’m working on Day 4 right after this blog post. Seriously, this program is SO much fun. I’m having a blast with it and from the sounds of it so are my BIT’s.

I spoke with Ms. Fluffy today and I was given more ideas. So many things to cover so little time! Fluffy does a wonderful job finding all sorts of goodies online. I don’t know where I’d be without my lovely assistant.

I’m keeping day 4 a secret… for now. It wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t hold somethings back. 😉

Day 3: The Bimbo Attitude

The Bimbo Program

Bimbo Program Day 2: New Panties

MV-1516Day 2 of the Bimbo Program is now available! It’s so exciting to see how many of my BIT’s are responding to the program. I’m having so much fun creating this. So much more to look forward to. I can hardly wait!

I’ve been talking with Fluffy, who is my personal assistant and Bimbo brainstorm-er about possibly creating a phase 2 of the Bimbo Program. The design would be similar to beginner/advanced “courses.” With this first leg of the program being beginner and phase 2 being advanced. YAY

Bimbo Program Day 2: New Panties

The Bimbo Program

Stay tuned for DAY 3. I bet you wanna know the title of it? Okay! Here it is: Day 3 The Bimbo Attitude

Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

MV-2856I’m launching a Bimbo Program! There will be a mix of mp3’s, assignments, exercises, to-do lists and photos in each day. To get started you must read the rules, read and listen to the Vow and Pledge. I’ve created an MP3 format of the Vow and Pledge so you can hear my voice ANY time you need some extra motivation!
Stay tuned for Day 1 of the BIMBO PROGRAM!


Rules, Vow and Pledge of the Bimbo Program

Regular priced Niteflirt Listings back to $1.99!

MV-3915I don’t want to call it a ‘special’ because I’m not sure how long I will be leaving my non financial domination listings at $1.99 per minute. There are definitely a few key factors; my mood and how quickly a handful of mindless jerk-offs ruin it for the rest are certainly the top 2 reasons for this price to go back to $2.19 per minute sooner.

I’ve registered for my next math class- business calculus. Fall semester starts Aug 26th. My schedule will be a bit different than the summer semester. I’ll still be going to class M/W but instead of evening my class will be in the early afternoon. That’s definitely a plus for those of you who have missed me Monday and Wednesday evenings. 🙂

I’ve had submissive zero doing some admin asst stuff for me. He’s also replacing a laptop mouse for me. Daisy is trying to make his way back (again.) I’m over his dumb ass at the moment. I totally get deactivating NF accounts, deleting Twitter accounts etc but he does it so much I can’t even respond to a Niteflirt mail he sends because he keeps being a delicate pair of testicles about his role as a sissy slut for ALL cock kind. Dummy sent over a few new pictures with a note, “Thought you might enjoy some new pics.” I haven’t even looked at those pictures yet. He needs to earn his name back and earn a place back in my good graces. I can’t say I’m disappointed… that would require me giving an expectation level that would be high enough to get disappointed.

As for the last bit of news I have to share for this blog post, I’ve switched out the thumbnails on ALL my Niteflirt listings with hot, fresh pictures. I’m looking forward to getting some MP3’s done (finally) and possibly some tweaks to the text of my listings. 

Goddess Lindsay Worship

Twink's ass bleach and waxing progress.

Twink’s ass bleach and waxing progress.

whew, where to begin. oh wait, I know, i’m NOT Goddess Lindsay!!! lol. i’m twink . her humble servant. more and more humble every day. more humble still with Her invitation to write a guest blog post. omg

so yeah, She’s been documenting my attempt to get the perfect pornstar ass! 🙂 I mean, it is at Her suggestion, but as with most of Her suggestions, it was perfect. I just needed someone to realize and tell me that what I’ve been wanting all along was to attain the perfect porn star ass. So I started bleaching, started going to a waxing salon, started exercising to build it up. Now imma gonna start bathing with a loofah to get it nice and smooth. Sure it won’t be long before i’m applying all kinds of lotions. just want it to be perfect. for us nonbiological girly bois, it’s not really possible to attain the perfection for which Goddess Lindsay is the beacon, the platonic ideal to aspire to. But I figure, with my ass, I can at least approach it. I mean, absent 2 X chromosomes, what can a lowly boi like me do?

well, Goddess Lindsay helped me see the light. Get my ass in ship fucking shape. Achieve beyonce level perfection. Haha, make my ass so pretty that everyone but Goddess is fucking jealous, even beyonce her fucking DAMN self, lol. Even if my boobs can never get there, even if I can’t have the perfect vagina or the lovely lovely face of a real girl, my ass??? all the bitches wanna be me!!! mother fucker!!!! lol

yeah, so imma get a Barbie ass. the end. lol

if that don’t sound humble, well, i’m a paradox, i’m Lindsay’s creation! 🙂 Thanks GODDESS!!!

Fetishes and Projects on My Mind

MV-3938I’ve got a couple of weeks before the fall semester of school starts. I want to use some of that time to sort thru the PAGES of ideas I have. Any time I had an idea I would jot them down on OneNote or on one of my many notebooks. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to choose which ideas will be executed first.

Twink’s current assignment is the 30 day squat challenge. (Today is day 13- 130 squats!) He’s still bleaching his asshole. I think it’s time for him to send a picture of his progress. It’s going to be so much fun when he graduates from the Progasm jr. to the Progasm Classic. I mean, it’s one thing to shove sex toys up your ass, it’s another when you are going after the entire look and feel of a perfect porn star pink ass!

Way long over due for updates!

Sexy FriendsAs some of you know, I am taking an Algebra II class for summer. The final is on the 24th (I can’t wait!) So, needless to say I haven’t been around quite as much.

Lately I’ve been on Tumblr… A LOT. I think I’ll start posting more original stuff. No worries sissy freaks, I’ll continue to re-blog stuff I find interesting. I’m missing my creative outlet so I think posting stuff I make will be WAY fun.

It looks like Daisy is M.I.A. again. In the last 2 month’s he’s tortured himself, trying to fool himself into thinking he should attempt being a real man. (lol) He flounders about, confused about his ‘manhood’ and sexuality. Personally, I think it’s all crystal clear. Daisy has a little dick (3 inches I think.) Um, DUH your life’s work should ONLY be about servicing REAL men. I’ll welcome you back when you pop back up. HAHA

tues-may-14-2013-2Twink has been anal bleaching almost daily since he got the cream. he’s gone for his second boy-pussy waxing on Tuesday. This time he asked the poor ass-waxing chick to take a picture of his freshly waxed booty! For now all you little beggars get is his card stamped from the salon. Eventually I plan on posting the freshly waxed butt on my blog. tues-jul-2-2013-1

I’ve got more updates to post but this studying isn’t going to get done all by itself. Before I get to that I’ll be sending out a pay to view mail of me and my very sexy blond friends!

Adventures in Sissy Slut Butt-hole Bleaching

My number one ‘gay but straight but really gay, like for real’ did some exciting shit this week! I can’t really call what Twinkess did a ‘Spa Day’, it was more like a Spa Session. He went for anal bleaching! Unfortunately he would have to go back weekly for 4-8 weeks to achieve certain results and it’s a bit pricey. We all know that money can go to a much better place. (ME)

Since Twink went through the humiliation of getting on all fours while a woman put fruit acid on his asshole, I figured he could continue his beauty regime at home. He’s been instructed to take photos of his “progress.” I’m curious to see how well the at-home anal bleach works. His butt hole is going to be the perfect shade of PORN STAR PINK!

Yeah, Twink and his boy-gina are going to be SUPER sissy stars. LOL

appointment confirmation email

I couldn’t resist. I had to post not only the appointment confirmation email, I had to show off Twink’s shaky cell pic taken in the waiting room of the spa. LOL, I forgot to ask him if his voice cracked and was shaky too. I think deep down he enjoyed being on all fours- too bad he wasn’t on them longer. It’s also too bad there wasn’t big, hard cocks in the spa room with him. I guess that wasn’t an add-on service they provide. HAHA