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Cuckold mentoring

I spoke with my newest cuckold last week. It’s been about 7 months since his wife put his dick up and started playing with younger, hotter guys. Things are going well for wifey- like me, she’s decided to have a main guy she sees regularly. Vegan Cuck has met the other man a few times and things are going well. V C mentioned it could be a gearing up for him to get the green light to watch his wife and her lover fucking. Exciting isn’t it?!

I enjoy being a cuckold cheerleader. I also love giving advice and insight when cucks are unsure about their girlfriends or wives. It gives me a chance to reflect on the amazing journey Dante, Brooks and I have been on. Speaking of, everything is going well. Our three schedules have been crazy and not lining up very well over the last two months. But when we all do it together it’s A LOT of fun!

Any other wanna-be, current or past cuckolds want to talk to me about their experiences give me a call!

Modest Vanity Lindsay

ext: 03387715

Self-humiliation and emasculation

This is a special message to all my humiliated sluts. I LOVE humiliation, every kind you can think of. Lately, I’ve had slaves and submissives do “self-humiliation.” They think of songs, mantras, stupid human tricks, confess to ridiculous things and anything else they can think of to humiliate themselves and of course entertain/amuse me. If you have stories, songs, poems or mantra’s you’d like me to put on my blog, or just to have me read and not publish, send them to m[dot]vanity[dot]Lindsay[at]gmail[dot]com. I love reading the thoughts of my devotees. Not only does it help me understand them better, but it gives me great insight to the male mind!

Speaking of humiliation and emasculation. I’ve been inspired lately by both of those topics- I guess you can tell by my latest MP3 projects. Which btw, Public emasculation assignment – your Victoria’s Secret girlfriend is a top seller this week on Niteflirt!

Modest Vanity Lindsay



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Slut Training and other Fem-good stuff

MV-2655I had a wonderful weekend. I went to a fantastic bridal shower. My friend got tons of gifts. We drank Sangria, gossiped and laughed. I know all of my pretty little sissies and bimbos would love to attend a bridal shower. Maybe have a sissy maid serving refreshments and cleaning up after the party…

I spoke with a fun sissy slut the other day named Shawna. She wears pretty pink panties and likes to hump pillows and the bed! Sissy Shawna wouldn’t be a good little whore for me unless she moaned and talked dirty, just like a porn star. Speak of the devil… I had to stop writing my blog so I could take a call from sissy bitch Shawna. She was wearing black panties this time. I wanted her to fuck in between the mattress and the box spring but just like a little bitch she complained it hurt her clit. With that being said I had her switch to fucking the top of the mattress. Did I forget to mention her clitty is bigger than most of my sissies? Yep, that’s right! Which makes it all the more fun to humiliate Shawna since she has decent size equipment and still can’t use it right! How truly pathetic is that? And let me tell you, she loves humiliation; the little bimbo can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating new MP3 assignments. I think this week I’ll create a new quiz. This time a BIMBOFICATION QUIZ. Any suggestions on what kinds of questions and answers you’d like to see on it? You know how to contact me (or comment this post!)

Don’t forget, you can email me and request an appointment if I am not available.

Your Humiliatrix, Bimbo Specialist & Goddess
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Feminizing my silly bimbos

MV-2650Yesterday I had another fantastic submissive cross-dressing phone session with Sadie. Her hair was curled and half up, hoop earrings, necklace, make up with a serious red lipstick to go along with her red halter dress, red lace and satin panties, white thigh highs and patent leather red *fuck me pumps.* My hot feminized, bimbo submissive was on cam so I could see how pretty and sexy she was. I have big plans for Sadie. I’ve given her a *to do* list and another list for the items I want for our next session. To give you a little hint she must buy a cock ring; or in this case a sissy clit ring. I can’t wait for more performances from her!

I’ve been receiving a lot of calls and emails enquiring about my Bimbofication Program. I suggest getting started with the MP3/Assignments. Rules, Vow & Bimbo Pledge is the core of the entire program and each day is listed along with subject covered. I also suggest checking out the links section of my blog. I have tons of sites that I personally like and think you will get the best brainwashing and/or hypnosis experience. I am here to guide you, answer questions and cheer you on!

I’ve lowered the price on a few days in the Bimbo Program. Check it out and get the days you are missing in your collection!

Corrine contacted me recently. Because I enjoy training her so much as my fashionable sissy AND maid I thought I’d surprise her with a mention in my blog. She was over the moon! Currently my sissy slut is training in 4 inch heels when she does her daily household chores. My goal for her is to be able to do chores in FIVE inch heels. I don’t think she knows that yet, but once she reads this she will! It is going to be so much fun when Corrine goes back for a manicure and pedicure. I have a hot idea for her next toe nail color.

Ok, sissy boys, sluts, bimbos, CFNM and feminized cuckolds I am going to record a new emasculating and humiliating assignment.

In Praise of Bimbofication

s’omG I’m so excited bout Goddess ramping up Her bimbofication activities 🙂 aside from Her utter mastery of the subject, She really enjoys it. I think more and more. like with any Master involved in teaching, I think having eager and enthusiastic BiT’s helps to maintain Her enjoyment. (BiT = bimbo in training, lol, I came up with that all on my own 🙂 hip hip hooray !

so yeah, not that I can like keep up with all Her plans for Her new bimbofication project, Her mind moves like super fast. I just know that I’m like super exited cause I know it means even more feminization and sissification and bimbofication and all kinds of awesome direction from Hers truly, Goddess Lindsay! pretty much everything She says and does is like candy for my bimbo brain, which is good, since I’ve been keeping other candy to a minimum as I try to keep up with the improvements to my bimbo body 🙂 it’s fine by me, bimbo brain candy is way better than a sugared candy bar or what have you

Anyway, the more time I spend talking to Goddess, thinking bout Goddess, doing tasks for Goddess, the more my brain changes, the dour man thoughts of my past being exchanged for the bright bubbly bimbo thoughts of my present and future. thoughts of pink hearts and cute heels and hot boys and hard…. Well, haha, I could go on forever. besides, better to leave something to the imagination.

Anyway, the best bet is to let Goddess turn your little weak male mind blank, and then let her fill in the blank for you! Don’t try to direct Her, cause you’ll just fuck it up. I speak from experience, I’ve fucked up with Goddess many times. thank Goddess She is patient, benevolent, and, with sufficient supplication, forgiving. but now I just let Her direct, and I get bimbo-er and bimbo-er. lol


omg, let me tell you, it is SUCH a thrill that Goddess, THE Goddess, Goddess Lindsay, let’s me do these posts on Her blog for Her, and that She lets me have a worship blog for Her, and a tumblr to document my evolving bimbo tastes, and a Twitter as Her twink to publicly sing Her praises! Thank You Goddess, Thank You, for letting me serve You and for giving me purpose! to say You’re the best is a vast vast understatement!

Tattoos and Feminization!

infinity tattoo

infinity tattoo

So, I was bit by the tattoo bug. I got 2 tattoos in 1 week! They are totally feminine and delicate. I’m absolutely IN LOVE! The 2nd tattoo I got is on my rib cage.

Shortly after I got these tattoos I got sick. Something that rarely happens to me (thank Goddess) but it did knock me on my ass for a few days. I’m happy to report I’m feeling SO much better. I am taking it easy this weekend and won’t be going out. I want to make sure I completely get rid of these cooties.


One Day I'll Fly Away

One Day I’ll Fly Away

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I would be getting to work on NEW MP3’s. Needless to say me getting sick put that on the back burner for a few days but now that I’m feeling better I’ll be doing the behind the scenes stuff until the rest of the congestion goes away. Basically prepping the MP3’S, making final changes to what I want them to say etc.

I am sooo excited to start working on bimbofication. I think it’s one of the many important elements to feminization. It’s something that I work with Twink quite a bit. Which, btw, he’s updated his femme gurlie boi blog today. I think his next exercise challenge will be the ab challenge. It’s apart of the process of feminization. As Twink mentioned in his blog, taking care in your overall appearance simply reinforces the changes your mind is undergoing. To be a girly boi in the mind as well as the body is très important!

I’m definitely going to re-vamp my feminization listing on Niteflirt and I may convert 1 of my other listings specifically for reprogramming and bimbofication. I’m excited to make these changes before the fall semester of class starts!

Regular priced Niteflirt Listings back to $1.99!

MV-3915I don’t want to call it a ‘special’ because I’m not sure how long I will be leaving my non financial domination listings at $1.99 per minute. There are definitely a few key factors; my mood and how quickly a handful of mindless jerk-offs ruin it for the rest are certainly the top 2 reasons for this price to go back to $2.19 per minute sooner.

I’ve registered for my next math class- business calculus. Fall semester starts Aug 26th. My schedule will be a bit different than the summer semester. I’ll still be going to class M/W but instead of evening my class will be in the early afternoon. That’s definitely a plus for those of you who have missed me Monday and Wednesday evenings. 🙂

I’ve had submissive zero doing some admin asst stuff for me. He’s also replacing a laptop mouse for me. Daisy is trying to make his way back (again.) I’m over his dumb ass at the moment. I totally get deactivating NF accounts, deleting Twitter accounts etc but he does it so much I can’t even respond to a Niteflirt mail he sends because he keeps being a delicate pair of testicles about his role as a sissy slut for ALL cock kind. Dummy sent over a few new pictures with a note, “Thought you might enjoy some new pics.” I haven’t even looked at those pictures yet. He needs to earn his name back and earn a place back in my good graces. I can’t say I’m disappointed… that would require me giving an expectation level that would be high enough to get disappointed.

As for the last bit of news I have to share for this blog post, I’ve switched out the thumbnails on ALL my Niteflirt listings with hot, fresh pictures. I’m looking forward to getting some MP3’s done (finally) and possibly some tweaks to the text of my listings. 

Fetishes and Projects on My Mind

MV-3938I’ve got a couple of weeks before the fall semester of school starts. I want to use some of that time to sort thru the PAGES of ideas I have. Any time I had an idea I would jot them down on OneNote or on one of my many notebooks. I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to choose which ideas will be executed first.

Twink’s current assignment is the 30 day squat challenge. (Today is day 13- 130 squats!) He’s still bleaching his asshole. I think it’s time for him to send a picture of his progress. It’s going to be so much fun when he graduates from the Progasm jr. to the Progasm Classic. I mean, it’s one thing to shove sex toys up your ass, it’s another when you are going after the entire look and feel of a perfect porn star pink ass!

Way long over due for updates!

Sexy FriendsAs some of you know, I am taking an Algebra II class for summer. The final is on the 24th (I can’t wait!) So, needless to say I haven’t been around quite as much.

Lately I’ve been on Tumblr… A LOT. I think I’ll start posting more original stuff. No worries sissy freaks, I’ll continue to re-blog stuff I find interesting. I’m missing my creative outlet so I think posting stuff I make will be WAY fun.

It looks like Daisy is M.I.A. again. In the last 2 month’s he’s tortured himself, trying to fool himself into thinking he should attempt being a real man. (lol) He flounders about, confused about his ‘manhood’ and sexuality. Personally, I think it’s all crystal clear. Daisy has a little dick (3 inches I think.) Um, DUH your life’s work should ONLY be about servicing REAL men. I’ll welcome you back when you pop back up. HAHA

tues-may-14-2013-2Twink has been anal bleaching almost daily since he got the cream. he’s gone for his second boy-pussy waxing on Tuesday. This time he asked the poor ass-waxing chick to take a picture of his freshly waxed booty! For now all you little beggars get is his card stamped from the salon. Eventually I plan on posting the freshly waxed butt on my blog. tues-jul-2-2013-1

I’ve got more updates to post but this studying isn’t going to get done all by itself. Before I get to that I’ll be sending out a pay to view mail of me and my very sexy blond friends!

Adventures in Sissy Slut Butt-hole Bleaching

My number one ‘gay but straight but really gay, like for real’ did some exciting shit this week! I can’t really call what Twinkess did a ‘Spa Day’, it was more like a Spa Session. He went for anal bleaching! Unfortunately he would have to go back weekly for 4-8 weeks to achieve certain results and it’s a bit pricey. We all know that money can go to a much better place. (ME)

Since Twink went through the humiliation of getting on all fours while a woman put fruit acid on his asshole, I figured he could continue his beauty regime at home. He’s been instructed to take photos of his “progress.” I’m curious to see how well the at-home anal bleach works. His butt hole is going to be the perfect shade of PORN STAR PINK!

Yeah, Twink and his boy-gina are going to be SUPER sissy stars. LOL

appointment confirmation email

I couldn’t resist. I had to post not only the appointment confirmation email, I had to show off Twink’s shaky cell pic taken in the waiting room of the spa. LOL, I forgot to ask him if his voice cracked and was shaky too. I think deep down he enjoyed being on all fours- too bad he wasn’t on them longer. It’s also too bad there wasn’t big, hard cocks in the spa room with him. I guess that wasn’t an add-on service they provide. HAHA