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Updates and Featured Small Penis

First I’ll post updates. I passed Module 3 and as of today I am working on Module 4 for my hypnotherapy certification! I can’t wait to start doing hypnosis phone sessions.

I’ve produced 2 more hypnosis MP3’s and 1 new bimbo program- day 8.

Feel Femme Mantra Trigger

Feel Femme Hypnosis Trance

Bimbo Program Day 8: The Walk

Feel Femme Mantra & Hypno are meant to go together.

Now onto more fun stuff. I spoke with R today. We had such a fun time talking about his little tiny dick. It’s one of the smallest I’ve ever seen!

“R” in his Cheerleader costume

As you can see in the picture above, there is NO bulge. Not even a faint sign of one! LOL As R and I were talking I decided it’s time to showcase the little dicks, the sissies, the sluts and the bimbos. If you’d be interested in being on my blog, send photos to me via Niteflirt.

Gotta squint to see R’s tiny dicklet and no balls!

R is pulling off the outfit! Look at those legs. And he looks ball-less too. The dick-less ball-less wonder. LOL He’d make a good cuckold. And his ass was made to take a strap on.

Dat ass tho!

Cuckold mentoring

I spoke with my newest cuckold last week. It’s been about 7 months since his wife put his dick up and started playing with younger, hotter guys. Things are going well for wifey- like me, she’s decided to have a main guy she sees regularly. Vegan Cuck has met the other man a few times and things are going well. V C mentioned it could be a gearing up for him to get the green light to watch his wife and her lover fucking. Exciting isn’t it?!

I enjoy being a cuckold cheerleader. I also love giving advice and insight when cucks are unsure about their girlfriends or wives. It gives me a chance to reflect on the amazing journey Dante, Brooks and I have been on. Speaking of, everything is going well. Our three schedules have been crazy and not lining up very well over the last two months. But when we all do it together it’s A LOT of fun!

Any other wanna-be, current or past cuckolds want to talk to me about their experiences give me a call!

Modest Vanity Lindsay

ext: 03387715

1500 Niteflirt Feedbacks AND on the front page?!

Me and my Bearded LADIES lol

Me and my Bearded LADIES lol

YES! Congratulations to ME. Not only did my Apply to My Bimbofication/Feminization Program! make it to the front page of that very listing reached 1500 in feedback!

To celebrate the proper way, I’ve created a ptv (pay to view) mail with a special price. CELEBRATING My Front Page Status and 1500 FEEDBACK! 3 pics $2 Lingerie, Face & Friend 

Niteflirt and Fetish Blogging

Sexy, Smarty Pants

Sexy, Smarty Pants

For 2013, I’ve decided to start a blog. I think it would be a wonderful way for my fans, cucks, subs and slaves to keep up with me. Also, I love the idea of keeping track of what goes on with some of my calls on Niteflirt.

Last week I created a Twitter account. I’ll be updating all my social networking regularly. I’ll also be posting specials, promos and other fun shit for my bitches and loyal boys to drool over.

I’ll be adding pay to view mails on my blog. Expect to see new photo sets and MP3’s. I’m also going to get into hypnosis. I want to reinforce your addiction; breaking your will to resist and beg to serve young, blond perfection.

I will create a couple of galleries. One of just me, another with girl friends, one with my big black cock boyfriend Dante and MAYBE my submissive white cuckold husband with me.