New Fetish MP3 and Bimbofication Update

MV-2056Just uploaded my latest MP3/Assignment hybrid to my blog. I’ve also sent it out as a pay to view directly to my Niteflirt submissives and slaves. Yeah, just a lil excited about it! There will be more on the way.

Today Twink finished his 30 day squat challenge. Now it’s on to the 30 day ab challenge! We’ve discussed his continue regime to sculpt the perfect bimbo butt along with making some dietary changes to maximize results. What can I say, Bimbette (aka Twink) is really taking to the bimbofication process. I love molding soft sacs into pretty feminized, empty-headed ditzy sluts.

 Conditioning & Humiliation Assignment/MP3 with 1 Photo

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One thought on “New Fetish MP3 and Bimbofication Update

  1. B.B. twink

    OmGoddess that mp3 assignment is the bomb! Thanks Goddess. Yah, it’s totally gonna like help with my bimbo attitude adjustment, the most important thing of which is thinking about You and Your instructions. Just finished day 1 of the ab challenge when I read this lol! What a coincidence! 🙂 <3


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