Another installment of Don’t be THAT Guy!

Seriously?! Not again!

Seriously?! Not again!

BEHOLD! Amazing that “grown men” need to be blasted by me in order for them to UNDERSTAND how simple it is to read my don’t list. I don’t care about what other women do. NEVER use that as an excuse as to why you approach me with emails that are clearly marked in my “peeve” column. I promise you, your hard on is NEVER that big of a concern that you need to email stupid questions. If you need an engraved invitation to call me, DON’T BOTHER. Also, don’t think because I sent 2 responses to him that you too will have a chance for free attention. You may thank me for responding to him to use this as a learning example to those who lose their minds when their erections prevail. I’m not angry, nor am I mad. My blood pressure is just fine and I’m smiling while I’m typing this. No one person will ever get any sort of enraged, yelling reaction from me because, well, they aren’t worth it. 🙂 Sure, it’s a peeve. Sure it can be annoying on occasion but I post in my blog, make an example out of a situation and hopefully those who have enough sense will continue to do what they need to in order to interact with me.
I am a huge fan of the BLOCK button and will have no problem employing it. I always use it without warning you. How you choose to use the examples I give to you is totally up to you. I promise you this, you’ll miss me, A LOT. Pretty sure you won’t be missed. Choose wisely!
PS: I keep track of who blocks me. I know who blocks me and turns around after a period of time and unblocks me. I almost never mention it because truthfully I don’t care. You can NEVER stay away from me for very long.
The graphic below is an exchange I had with someone yesterday. Marked 1 & 3 are his emails, 2 & 4 are mine. Read it from bottom to top.

Don't be THAT guy. Click the graphic for FULL size.

Don’t be THAT guy. Click the graphic for FULL size.

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