Addiction Therapy and Fetish Programming

Sexy camo outfit with black garter

Submit to Goddess. Tell me all your secrets.

I’m fascinated with the human mind, sexuality and fetish. When I started taking calls on Niteflirt, I never thought I would chat with guys who were looking for advice or acceptance. I’ve lost count how many conversations I’ve had with submissive men, fetishist and slaves regarding addiction and acceptance. More often than not these kinky males want someone who can understand them, not judge them and who can relate.

I’m not interested in ‘curing’ you. I want to help you come to terms with who you are. Stop purging your sissy wardrobe only to replace your dildos, vibrators, heels, wigs, make-up and sexy-slutty outfits weeks or months later.

Maybe you aren’t a sissy but you have a little dick, masturbate a lot and are addicted to beautiful women. Get a handle on your situation and realize your full perverted potential. Embrace WHATEVER it is you are fixated on- SPH, big cocks, female supremacy, confessing what drives you sexually.

Are you a cuckold? I have real life experience in cuckolding. I still cuckold my husband and I’m still dating Dante. Whether you’ve never been cuckolded, have a gf/wife and need help bringing up the subject or you’re single and want to figure out how to bring the topic up to potential lovers, I will give you suggestions and ideas to help you settle into a cuckold lifestyle.

I have very good intuition; my point of view and perception are second to none. Some might require therapy or programming- maybe both. This is determined during your sessions with me.

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