Venturing into Hypnosis

Happy Saturday everyone!

I am so excited about starting a path in hypnosis. I’m in the process of learning about it and becoming certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner! To date I am not ready to do phone hypnosis. I plan on getting LOTS of practice producing my wildly popular hypno trance MP3’s! I don’t have a specific date in which I plan on doing telephone hypnosis but as things develop I will make updates on my blogs to keep my boys, gurls, subs, slaves and admirers in the loop.

On an unrelated matter, I’ve decided to publish my Amazon Wishlist. Spoil me!

New Poll!

I want your opinion. I’ve started a Twitter poll asking the following:

Would you rather do a buy 2 get 1 free (saving $4.99) by bundling Bimbo Day’s OR saving $1 off ALL bimbo days? You can comment here or head to my Twitter to take the poll directly. Or look to the right of my blog and you can see the poll from my blog!

The pole will last for 7 days so get your votes in!

This will not be the last poll I do. I want your feedback on what types of things I produce next!

I released Day 6 of the Bimbo Program last week. If you haven’t taken a look, do so now.

Just released: Bimbo Program: The Daily Checkup Sheet


So many sissies so little time

What a busy week I’ve had! So many sissies so little time. Crossdressing submissive Maureen has sent me her list of lingerie, panties and women’s clothes. I expect a new list from sissy submissive Lacy by Sunday night.

I received an email from an admirer who was curious about the fetish assignments I give my sissies and submissives. Well my admirer, it all depends on my mood and what type of training I am doing with that person. For example, my sissies will go thru dildo or butt plug training, sissy maid training and/or school girl etiquette. I have them work on the proper way to greet friends and other Mistresses. Perfecting a sissy curtsey (in heels) isn’t as easy as it looks you know!

My wildly popular, “Limp Sissy Clitty Humiliation” is now a recording! If you are interested in purchasing the recording as an MP3 there is a link on my listing taking you directly to it.

I may be inspired to do more recordings and MP3’s. What are some of the things you’d be interested in hearing me produce? Send me an email on Niteflirt or leave a comment!

CDs, Sissies & Bimbos

What can I say… I have had fun with my cross dressers, bimbos and sissies! Lacy has been doing a fantastic job keeping up with her cross dressing. Last night I had the pleasure of talking with a fantastic cross dresser named Maureen. We had a great session. I made her practice a girly voice, work on her curtsy and last, but not least, work on greeting friends when they come to visit. Because Maureen was such a good femme, I allowed her to hump a pillow! hehe

I have been keeping my sissy gurls, bimbos and cross dressers very busy with assignments. The fetish assignments are so much fun, if I do say so myself. I’ve been keeping my sissies, crossdressers and forced feminization boys in the latest fashions. We’ve done some shopping online as well. I can’t wait for my submissive little bitches to put on a fashion show for me!

Small Penis Humiliation SPH

SPH- Small penis humiliation never gets old. Sad men confess their non-existent social and personal lives because they’re too busy sitting at home playing with themselves. Typically, they are addicted to porn, looking at or some other tumblr site. Funny how their stories are different yet the same. I enjoy putting men in their place, laughing at their expense while they pay for the privilege to speak to me.

Psychology of Humiliation

I had one of the best phone humiliation sessions I’ve had in a long time. I really think he was on the verge of tears; too bad. Don’t let my sweet looks and voice fool you. I can be one mean Mistress when I want to be.

Speaking of humiliation, I’m having fun with all the subs who call for verbal humiliation. Don’t get me wrong, the physical stuff is funny too. Lately I’ve been getting the humpers. You know, guys who hump pillows, photos from magazines (yes really), mattresses and couches. I verbally humiliate these guys too. I cheer them on to hump away and they just love it.

I love the psychology of humiliation. For the most part each person I talk to is different within the context of humiliation. That’s where the mindfuck begins. Most guys don’t notice it right away. It’s usually after the call and when they digest what I’ve said to them that the mindfuck takes hold.

Think you have what it takes for a good dose of humiliation? We’ll see about that!


Cock Suckers Wanted

Happy New Year!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with bimbos and sissies. Not only is it fun to dress them up but it’s fun to do strap on training and dildo training, eventually easing into REAL cock! Are you craving becoming a sissy or bimbo? Ever wonder what it would be like to be in front of me and my extremely hot friends while you are all dressed up like a pretty girl? I know you watch porn fantasizing you are in the place of the hot girl getting all the nice cock. How often do you check out Tumblr for sissy/bimbo inspiration? Yeah, a lot I’m sure.  Don’t worry… I won’t expose your little closet fag secret. (Not unless it’s something you think about.) Just consider me your coach and cheerleader to becoming the best cock sucker you ever imagined.

Let’s explore some of your ideas. I’d like to see what you come up with.

Panty boy and Bimbofied Cock Suckers

Happy Hump Day bitches!

As some of you might already know I’ve been extremely busy. I love every second of it! I know I’ve said this before but I just LOVE turning guys into bimbofied cock suckers. I’ve been very happy with some of the resources my bimbos and sissies have been using to keep me happy and amused. Toys and household items add so much fun to the sessions. It’s even better when they go out and suck cock while I’m on the phone!

Panty boy has been getting his lingerie selected for him every day for work. He’s been doing a very good job! He’s been getting used to wearing high heels again while driving a stick shift. I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, being a girl is not easy. You gotta want it. You have to work for it. Are you ready?

My roommate and I had a GREAT two-girl call last night. We teased, tormented, humiliated laughed at our little fuck toy. We had him do some CBT and dildo training. He fucked that rubber dick like a true slut. Roomie was so much fun to do a call with. She had lots of fun and kinky ideas so we played off each other really well.

New Niteflirt Recording!

I’ve been slacking and it’s long over due. I finally did a cock craver’s recording on Niteflirt. As I type this it’s not published yet (aka approved) but you can still listen to it with the link provided below. It’s just a little sample into getting you more comfortable with me knowing the secrets you hide. We’re closing in on the New Year and I plan to provide more recordings and MP3’s. I want to hear from YOU what you want to hear!

Calling all Cock Cravers Recording